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EscapeWizard, LLC  is always looking for New Advertising Partners!. 
As seen on our site, we offer opportunities for advertisers in several different sections of our site. 
  • CARS
  • FAREALERT Email Fulfillment

Our pricing is done on a CPC (cost per click basis).  The pricing varies by location, and travel section.

Each Advertiser is given a logon account.  Within your account, you are able to view how many clicks you have received, and from which travel sections they originated.

For a slightly higher CPC we have the ability to add your listing in Specific Markets.  As an example if you only wanted to Appear for Flight searches that Originate at JFK, we can handle that!

The setup is easy!   We just need your company logo, and we can either map to your submit page, or if you have a specific URL link string we can map to that!   ITS THAT EASY!.
For more information please contact us by clicking: -HERE-
 Click !!!!!!!!!! HERE !!!!!!!!!! for Flash Demo of our Advertising opportunities!



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