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Tombstone, Arizona is the true American Icon of the Wild West. Founded by Ed Schieffelin, in 1877, the town's name is a reflection into the humor of Ed. He was a scout for the United States Army. Looking for minerals, he ventured into the Apache filled hills, his friends all joked telling him that all he would find out there was his "tombstone."

Let help you book the vacation of a life time to Tombstone, Arizona. Located 70 miles from Tucson International Airport (TUS) you can book your flight today by clicking this link. ( can assist you in finding your flight, hotel, and car rental. Our user friendly website allows for easy navigation to book all of the accommodations you might need. Just click on this link to book your hotel experience ( invites you to visit the Tombstone Courthouse. Now a museum, it's a self guided tour, but holds highlight's of the town’s rich history. For years it held the county seat; the court house was the stage for one of the most famous murder trials in history. The murder case against the Earp brothers for the fight at the OK Corral took place in this historic building.

The original silver mine that Ed Schieffelin laid claim to, is still open today. urges you to take this tour guided, hard hat required, and journey into Tombstone’s underground world. Good Enough Tour has the history of what a day in the life of a miner was really like; the dangers, the riches, and how the vain of sliver was mined out.

Tombstone is famous for the drinking, gambling, and the outlaws that came with one of the roughest mining camps that the Wild West offered. Still in original condition, the Bird Cage Theater is a museum that recommends visiting during your vacation to the city. With bullet holes in portraits, and the famous "cat walk" still in prestige condition, you can walk where the famous people of history did over 140 years ago. The room of the notorious affair Wyatt Earp committed is available for viewing.

Allen Street is one of history's wildest streets. Today, this once mischievous street is filled with the world travelers and is a place to enjoy history. All over Tombstone the streets are lined with Restaurants, Gift Shops, Portrait Galleries, Art Galleries, Museums, Hotels, Resorts, an informational Reptile Show, and the World's Largest Rosebush!

The city’s rich history is felt when you step out of your car. All day, seven days a week, the reenactments are playing every 30 minutes. would like to help you book your next vacation to Tombstone, Arizona. Anytime of the year is a good time to visit. The town hosts Wyatt Earp days every Memorial day. One of the towns prides is put on by the Tombstone Vigilantes, Helldorado Day's! All year round special events are held.

Tombstone has been through two devastating fires that burned down the town. From a rough booming mining town, to an exclusive vacation destination, Tombstone has earned its nick name. "too tough to die."
Hotels in Tombstone
Grand Tombstone Hotel
580 W. Randolph Way, Tombstone, AZ
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Tombstone, Arizona is the original city of the Wild West, and is now a great city to visit to learn about Wyatt Earp and the Old West. During your stay, recommends the Grand Tombstone Hotel (formally Holiday Inn Express) which is near the downtown area. The Tucson International Airport is the closest way to fly into the area, and is only about an hour from downtown Tombstone. The Holiday Inn Express comes equipped with 60 rooms and is located near the downtown area near Allen Street. Guests of the hotel can check in at 2 p.m. or after on the day of arrival into the city. There is complimentary parking available for all guests who drove to the hotel.

Guests of the hotel can select from a variety of bedding options including rooms with 1 king size, 1 queen size, or 2 queen size beds. The rooms have a 27 inch color television with an extended cable package. For dining needs, the hotel offers a miniature refrigerator, microwave over, hair dryers and coffee maker in all rooms. The Grand Tombstone Hotel also offers the usual options like iron and ironing board, coffee maker, clock radio, etc.

The hotel has a pool that guests can take advantage of during their stay in Tombstone. Tombstone, Arizona is an extremely warm area and for guests in the area, the pool is an important option. After a long day of sightseeing, guests of the hotel can also utilize the whirlpool to relax.

Overall, the Grand Tombstone Hotel in downtown Tombstone is just the option for travelers in the city. This hotel is perfect for weddings, business travelers, vacationers, bikers, families and others. On the day of departure, check out in the hotel is at 12 noon. encourages you to click here ( to book your hotel experience.