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About Escapewizard was designed as a mutually beneficial place for interested travel seekers, to find qualified travel providers!

Highlights of Benefits the Travelers receive are:

  • Multiple Travel Sites all in one location!
  • Ease of Use - 1 form to fill out, sends information to multiple Providers
  • Fast Quotes - Prices and schedules are opened in separate windows.  This give you the benefit of comparing prices and schedules quickly and easily.

Highlights of the Benefits Travel Suppliers receive are:  

  • Interested Customers ready to Shop and Buy.
  • Ease of Use - 1 form the customer fills out, sends you all the information you need to provide them a result!
  • Low Cost alternative to Search Engine Marketing.

Were sure you will agree with us, its a "Win-Win" situation for everyone!  Remember for all your Travel needs!  So easy its Magic!




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