By Jasmine McGee
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On the northwestern corner of Switzerland lays Basel, a thriving city that has become a major cultural center. Basel’s thriving economy has made the city a hotspot for European culture, and throughout the city you’ll find a large number of theatres & museums. 

Basel is home to one of the few airports in the world that is operated by two countries. France & Switzerland jointly operate the bi-international airport EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (BSL). The airport is located 4 km from Basel, and access to and from the city is possible due to a customs-free road. can help you book your trip today, so click here ( to begin searching for a flight.  Once you’ve landed in Basel you’ll be in need a place to stay, but don’t worry, can help you find the right accommodations. Basel has a variety of accommodations that well suit your needs. Click here ( to use’s hotel finder.

The city of Basel is a booming urban area waiting to be explored, but a trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the “old town” attractions.  The old town region is quite navigable thanks to the cobbled streets and alleys. The region has great character and charm, as well as some picturesque landmarks. The Münster cathedral is a stunning Romanesque & Gothic style building that was originally constructed 1019-1500.  The cathedral is open to the public and the building has various highlights worth checking out.  Yet if you’re more concerned with achieving a stunning view, then you might want to head over to the Pfalz (plaza) located northern of the cathedral. From that vantage point you can get a great photo of the cathedral, as well as the Rhine.

Once you’ve toured old town, and have even walked through the Marktplatz filled with the aromas of fresh fruits, veggies, pastries, and other delicatessens, you should head into the heart of the city for a day of museum hopping.  The city a wide range of museums to chose from, over two dozen to be precise.  It would surely be difficult to see every single museum, but you can start your day by visiting the Kunstmuseum Basel. The museum is a art museum that houses a collection of 19th and 20th century works. Art lovers will perhaps enjoy the entire room filled with original works by Picasso, as well as other works from various movements in the arts. The city of Basel has a lot of art museums to visit: Schaulager, Kunsthalle Basel, and Museum Jean Tinguely.

Basel isn’t just home to art museums, but it also is home to the world’s greatest collection of teddy bears, toyshops, and dollhouses. All of these fascinating items can be found in the Puppenhausmuseum Basel. It’s a perfect spot to visit if you’re on vacation and you’ve brought the kids along.

If you’ve visited Basel during the warmer season, then you’ll want to enjoy mornings & afternoon enjoying a stroll along the Rhine river.  It’s a picturesque location that is perfect for winding down and enjoying lunch or swimming. But converse you’re energy, because at night the city of Basel is filled with plays, operas, and musical events taking place throughout the majestic city. Depending upon the time of year you’ve decided to visit, you may be able to catch one of the many festivals taking place. recommends planning your trip around Basler Fasnacht, Basel’s version of Carnival. For three days the city is filled with locals dressing up in elaborate costumes & masks, and a selection of parades and cultural events that are a sight to see.

Whether you visit Basel during a large festival or not, you’re still going to be immersed in a city that is thriving with cultural. So be sure to bring an extra camera and an extra suitcase to bring home some unique cultural souvenirs, because the city of Basel is waiting to shower you with its majestic culture and “old town” charm.