By Keri Griffiths
United Kingdom
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Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, is an old port city with a fascinating past and a city in the midst of re-covering from years of unrest. In recent years the amazing, resilient, citizens of Belfast have worked hard to recapture the glory and success of the old Victorian city. The resurgence of four star hotels, night life, restaurants and brilliant attractions have breathed a new electricity into Belfast making it a must see city for any traveler. encourages you to book your next flight to Belfast. The city can be frequented through Belfast International Airport (BFS). Vacationers can book with by following this link ( And when booking hotel accommodations, click here ( to utilize’s hotel finder.

To start your tour, recommends stopping by the dock where the Titanic was built. The Titanic is, arguably, the most famous ship that has ever sailed, and it was built in the shipyard in the Queens Island Sector of Belfast. On April 10, 1912, the Titanic sailed from Southampton heading for New York with 2,200 souls on board. Four days later the largest transatlantic passenger steamship collided with and iceberg and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean; 1500 people died and only 700 survived the tragedy. Today, tourists can take walking tours of the dock and pump house where this ship was built. You can learn the stories behind the famous tale from the knowledgeable guides and locals. highly suggests making a stop to the War Memorial Building on Talbot Street. At this museum, the soldiers of World War I and II are honored. There are rotating exhibits throughout the year. The centerpiece of the museum is a stained glass window that was constructed as a memorial.

How can we possibly resist a sweet treat or seven? Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory is known throughout Ireland as one of the finest creators of hand made chocolate, fudge and other sweet delights. Candy made from 100 year old recipes are simply out of this world. Best part is, when you visit, you can watch them make each and every delectable morsel by hand. Let me tell you, that kind of love translates into each bite you take. No visit to Belfast is complete without paying Aunt Sandra’s a visit, and recommends this location.

Belfast is a great home base for many out of town day trips. One of the most stunning trips is up the Northern Ireland Causeway Coast and Antrim Glen. The beauty of this area is unsurpassed. Breath tak-ing, rugged, coast line melds into the romantic, lush, landscape seamlessly. The Giants causeway, the eighth wonder of the world, is a remarkable geological formation that has attracted thousands of visitors since its discovery in 1693. You can follow in the footsteps of giants, yep real giants (at least that’s they way the legend goes), and stand on the edge of the country. knows that the beauty will mesmerize you and make the trip well worth the effort.

Despite it’s turbulent past, Belfast is a treasure trove of history, beauty and courage. The resilience of the cities inhabitants makes this city a vibrant, exciting, and inspiring place to visit. Now is the time to head on over to and book your flight to Belfast, United Kingdom.