By Christine M. Soltis
Belize City
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If you want the best of the outdoors for your next excursion, then plan a trip to Belize City, Belize.  Here, you will be able to explore rainforests and caves, sandy beaches and mountains, view Mayan remains or take several types of tours. 

Pull up a search of Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (BZE) as you plan your trip to Belize City, Belize.  Visit the following link from to book your next flight:  (  In all your excitement, don’t forget to find hotel accommodations here: (

Once your trip begins, recommends diving, snorkeling or relaxation at a Belize beach along the Caribbean Sea.  With endless island and beach locations to choose from, consider such ones as the big island of Ambergris Cave; or have real Belize experiences at Placencia; or see the smaller Cave Caulker and more.  Enjoy the Belize Barrier Reef as a spectacular view from the spot where you choose to relax. thinks this is a perfect way to start off your next days of adventure. 

If your desire for outdoor activities grows more, consider canoeing down their primary waterway with the Belize River.  Formed by the Mopan River and the Macal Rivers, maybe choose a powerboat instead.  Settle down with a day of fishing and sightseeing, while viewing varying bird life and iguanas, along with inland lagoons.  Or visit the Belize ATM cave and travel underground. thinks you should seek places that offer packages for “cave tubing” explorations.

If boating has you ready to stretch your legs, then maybe it is time to take a hike.  You can arrange a nature mountain tour with a guide if you’re not sure where to go. suggests a visit to the Don Elijio National Park, which is full of wildlife and plants for you to study as you walk.  If all of this walking has gotten you energized, then travel on to see top sites for Mayan Ruins where temples, chambers and artifacts were left over from long ago.  Some of these sites include Caracol, Xunantunich and Altun Ha, but there are plenty more for you to search and choose from.

If you want to sit while you explore, then recommends that you zip past the Belize Zoo via a Belize Zip Line Canopy Tour.  Trail across the sky and listen to narrations of Belize history while you see historic sights firsthand.  Spend an hour of the tour within one of the vast and seemingly endless trappings of the rainforest.  As you glide, come out at Belize City and see about adding that trip to the zoo in your package.  And it just may be worth it!  The Belize Zoo is about 30 miles west of Belize City and houses over 150 wild animals.  You will feel like you never left the rainforest; the animals are in the most natural setting, including real tropical rainforest design.  This zoo is also internationally acclaimed and has been featured in documentary films.  Belize Zoo first began as a wildlife refuge before it became a zoo. thinks you should brush up a bit on the history of Belize at the Museum of Belize.  Located in the downtown area of Belize City, this museum is housed in a building that was once an 1800’s colonial prison.  This restored museum contains Mayan artifacts and information on the history of Belize, including the involvement of pirates in their past.  Or stop at the Eco-Museum and take a dive into tropical treasures.  You also have the option of the Belize Tourism Village or the Maritime Museum, both of which will have you docked into more fascinating histories of the culture.

At the bigger islands, you will find a choice of restaurants and clubs to celebrate your escape to the wild.  For dining, have a seaside dinner at any number of restaurants.  Stop in a tavern for a beer or find a place to enjoy the sounds of reggae.  A club with a dance floor could have you spinning into the night as you enjoy your drinks by the river.

Belize City, Belize:  You’re not just waiting to go; Belize City is waiting for you.