By Karuna Kasturi
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Bern, Switzerland is an explosion of exquisite history, culture and beauty!  Many agree that upon entering the capital of Switzerland, everything appears to be similar to a lovely walk down memory lane due to its perfectly preserved history and art.  Bern has influenced the world through its glorious creation of the Toblerone Chocolate Bar, the infamous Swiss cheese and even Albert Einstein had once made Bern his home.  With such diversity to offer it is no surprise that this city naturally appeals to all travelers and makes it a top choice to visit. 
Bern has multiple airports in the vicinity that can easily book for you.   The closest major airport is Bern Airport (BRN), located only 3 kilometers away from the city itself.  The next major airport is the EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (BSL), which has both international and domestic flights. invites you to book both your flight by following this link ( We can also assist with booking your hotel accommodations. We can also assist with your hotel reservations. Just click here ( to start your search today with
Bern offers some of the best attractions; nightlife and shopping spots in the world so no matter what your style and indulgence may be, you’ll be sure to find it quickly in this city! An array of museums, buildings and monuments are scattered throughout Bern and are waiting to be discovered by you! The Zentrum Paul Klee is a favorite of and is a fascinating museum with art and architecture as the focus of interest whereas the Bern Historical Museum is a classic filled with furniture and timeless antiques that portray the lives of Switzerland’s through the centuries.  Perhaps you’re interested in how the theory of relativity came to be in which case the Einstein Museum is the perfect place to stroll through.  Once the home of Albert Einstein himself, his apartment has been made into both a landmark and museum full of the life the scientist once lived.  In the heart of the city, both the Golden Knight Clock Tower and the Cathedral at Munsterplatz stand tall and proud as they have origins that date back all the way to 1530 and 1421.  For a more relaxing spot, the Gruten is a park with an observational deck and tower and is considered a lovely way to sit back and watch the sun set on your perfect day.
The nightlife in Bern is spectacular with bright lights and powerful music that beckons all kinds of entertainment and celebrations.  For the dancers at heart there are many clubs and bars in the throughout the city and for the nights that require easy listening, places such as Mariana’s Jazzroom provide a relaxed and comforting atmosphere.  Every year in the summer from July to August movies are enjoyed on the biggest outdoor screen at Orange Cinema’s located in the city’s center.  If you’re felling lucky, bet on a grand time at Bern’s Casino named Jackpot where elegance and lady luck are sure to be found! Shopping Bern should begin in the square mileage of arcades that currently comprise the ancient Old Town.  The open-air malls, replete with boutiques and restaurants, are covered and thus still suitable for rainy-day sales.  

Bern will have you shop until you drop from all types of stores!  Farmer’s markets with fresh produce, flowers, and meats are common and truly a sight to see.  Malls and retails stores can be found at almost every corner of its quaint streets and are open Monday through Saturday and only the main railway station with local shops are open Sunday’s.  Let’s not forget to mark the first Saturday of every month on your calendar because that’s when the craft and flea markets are open!  No matter what your shopping style is, Bern has some of the craziest and unique stores to keep even the pickiest shoppers interested! showcases the best attractions of Bern, Switzerland and at the end of the day, after all your dining, shopping and landmark sighting, it’s good to come back to your charming hotel and plan tomorrow’s adventure in the city with the comfy and warm bed that promises a sweet dream sleep.  It will be a vacation of a lifetime!