By Shaina Amienyi
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Known for its architectural beauty, Brasília, the capital of the Brazil, provides an alternative to the crowded coastal cities. Though not on the coast, Brasília offers the magnificent scenery of the cerrado landscape and Lake Paranoá. The city also has unique attractions, exciting activities, and entertaining events that vacationers are sure to enjoy.

Brasilia International Airport (BSB) will be your entry point into the city. Visit to book your flight to Brazil’s capital; simply click on the link ( to our flight booking engine. Brasília was designed in sectors—pharmacy sectors, residential sectors, and hotel sectors. On the hotel portion of our site, you can find our selection of top hotels in the hotel sector. Follow the link ( to the hotel section of urges vacationers to experience the splendid architecture in the downtown area. The buildings downtown were designed by famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. For example, visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasília, where outside stand statues of the four evangelists—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Inside the church are suspended sculptures of angels, paintings representing the stages of the Passion of the Christ, and images on stained glass windows. Other buildings that Niemeyer designed include the Congress building, Palace of Justice, and the JK Memorial. The beauty and unique detail of these buildings will amaze vacationers.

In addition to amazing architecture, Brasília offers picturesque scenery and natural attractions. The Brasília National Park, known as Agua Mineral (Mineral Water) offers springs and pools of running water that give the park its nickname. While walking through the park’s two trails, vacationers might catch a glimpse of armadillos, monkeys, or capybaras. Next, suggests visiting the Brasília Botanic Gardens, which features vegetation found in the cerrado (a tropical savanna landscape found in certain parts of the country). There are also trails, a visitor center, and a pavilion from which vacationers can see almost the whole park.

Nature lovers will find several places near Brasília to go for day trips. One that recommends is Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. Vacationers can take a bus from Brasília to Alto Paraíso, the closest city in the area and then head to Sao Jorge to enter the park. The park is popular for its rock formations, some of the oldest in the country, waterfalls, and wildlife. With a guide, hike trails past waterfalls and canyons. Or visit Vale da Lua (Moon Valley), an area with rock formations that look like moon craters due to the river that cut through them.

Visit the National Museum of Gems located inside the TV Tower Panoramic Hall and browse through the exhibits of Brazilian gems and crystals. While you are in the TV Tower, head to the top for a magnificent view of the city. From the 75-meter high platform, vacationers can get feel for the Pilot Plan—the layout of the city and its sectors, which is in the shape of an airplane. We at believe the TV Tower is also a great place to watch the sunset. On the weekends, the area around the tower hosts the largest handicrafts fair in the city. urges vacationers to check out the fair if they are in the market for souvenirs or gifts.

The handicrafts fair is a must for shoppers, but shoppers also can find souvenirs and gifts from vendors who set up downtown. also urges vacationers to visit the city’s outdoor and indoor shopping malls. Brasília Shopping Mall has three floors of stores offering the latest fashions, accessories, and more. Park Shopping is another large mall with an area for entertainment, including bowling alleys and a theater. Other shopping centers include Conjunto Nacional, Pátio Shopping, Liberty Mall, Terraço Shopping, and more. The city has no shortage of shopping outlets, and to entertain vacationers at night, the city has numerous bars and nightclubs where vacationers can sample cachaça or dance to bossa nova and samba.

One of the host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brasília has plenty of attractions, beautiful scenery, and activities to entertain and astound vacationers. Book your next vacation to Brasília by visiting on the above link to