By Bianca Anjuli
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Established in 1859, Breckenridge, Colorado is a town known widely today as a snowy paradise. Originally started as a miner's town, during the gold-rush, Breckenridge has always been rich in what it has to offer. In the late 19th century it was gold, today it has a plethora of year round activities, festivals and sports, traditional and extreme. The broad range of history of this town's successes and hardships, make it yet another example of Americana at it's best. Mother Nature herself was especially kind to this region of the country, as the sheer beauty of it is an experience in its own right. Whatever your pleasure, indoor, outdoor, warm, cold, with company or alone, Breckenridge has it all and so much more. In proximity to other major resort areas, like Vail and Aspen and such major cities as Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder makes Breckenridge even more accessible and allows visitors to make more than one stop on their travels.

Travel in to Breckenridge offers a handful of possibilities. Offering the most options for travelers from anywhere is Denver International Airport (DEN). For the traveler who plans to move around the region, a good start and stop point is Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (COS). The nearest mountain airport is Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE), not far from Vail.  Click here ( to use when planning your flight to Breckenridge, Colorado or any destination. The town of Breckenridge itself provides a free shuttle within town limits. There are also buses that offer transport to other nearby resort towns. Rental options and prices vary. A town with so much to do, Breckenridge is flocked to by the millions every year. With a population of around 4,600, Breckenridge's economy is based on tourism. Accommodation options are plentiful, and for all economic levels. When choosing accommodation for your travel to Breckenridge, can help you choose what works best for you. Click here to get started (

The main reason for visitors in this region of the country is for its range and the snow that covers it. With an average of 300+ inches of precipitation a year, winter activities range from Sleigh Riding to Black Diamonds. suggests you look in to more than one of these many activities, as there is truly something for everyone. Winter recreation includes: Ice Skating, Snowmobiling, and Snow-Shoeing, not to mention the World-Class skiing and snowboarding Breckenridge has become known for. In the warmer months, encourages visitors try biking, horseback riding, rock-climbing, hiking, golfing, fishing, inline skating and/or kayaking. The full cycle of seasons in Breckenridge brings so many events and activities to partake in. There are Art Fairs and Festivals, Jazz Concerts, the Hartford Ski Classic, Celebrity Golf Tournament, Oktoberfest, Ullrfest, International Snow Sculpture Championships, and so much more. Breckenridge even has its own film festival. Any time of the year is a good time to visit Breckenridge, as it is guaranteed to please!

For those visitors seeking a more in depth look in to Breckenridge, the town, its heritage and history, there is also an array of options. Breckenridge is a town with a deep rooted pride since its inception. Historically it has always had an idea as to the importance for a forwardly "green" way of thinking, as well as the need to preserve and nurture these ideas as they push forward in the 21st century. Restorations to important historical sites and structures offer Iowa Hill, Barney Ford Museum, Engine #9 Locomotive, and the Edwin Carter Cabin. A few other points of interest are the Rotary Snowplow Park, Valley Brook Cemetery and Reiling Dredge. All of these sites are a nod to Breckenridge's place, historically, in the American tapestry.

Breckenridge, nestled in a u-shaped valley amongst four peaks of the Rocky Mountains, is a good point to get started on your exploration of the more beautiful side of the natural country the United States offers. After celebrating its 150th year of establishment in 2009, it is again evident how much Breckenridge has going on, all year long. Any visitor can be reassured that they will leave enthralled! For travel and accommodation arrangements for your trip to Breckenridge, Colorado, or any destination, is just one click away.