By Rosemary D. Cora
Cabo San Lucas
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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, also referred to as “Cabo,” is located at the very southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California. Cabo’s history offers interesting dimensions, which include pirate attacks, the establishment of a Jesuit mission, and visits by the rich and famous. But today, the city is best known for its spectacular beaches and wild nights. invites you to book your next visit to Cabo San Lucas. The city can be frequented via the Los Cabos International Airport (SJD). Vacationers can start their search for affordable airfare by following this link ( can also help with finding you amazing hotel reservations as well. Just click here ( to utilize our hotel finder in searching for low rates at top quality establishments.

One of the most colorful facts about Cabo is its former status as a center for piracy. Cabo was discovered by Hernán Cortés in the 1500s, and was considered merely a spot for English privateers and pirates such as Sir Francis Drake and Sir Thomas Cavendish to lay in-wait for Spanish galleons returning to Europe from the Philippines.  The infamous galleon, Great Saint-Anne, was captured off Cabo in 1587, causing the Spanish Royal Crown, with the help of zealous missionaries, to build a small fort in the 1700s at what is today San Jose del Cabo. The remnants of the fortification can still be viewed today, giving visitors a glimpse into Cabo’s history.

Cabo didn't appear on the tourist scene until much later. For centuries, the city was just a dusty village connected to San Jose del Cabo by a dirt road. It was only in relatively modern times, between the 1930s and 1950s, that Cabo’s idyllic beaches and abundant fishing grounds became the haunts of the rich and famous, including Bing Crosby and Duke Ellington, who visited the area by yacht or plane, because of its inaccessibility.  Then, years later, the area became readily accessible by land with the construction of the Baja Peninsula Highway in 1974.

With unparalleled fishing grounds, including such big game fish as tuna, marlin, and billfish, huge fishing tournaments began to turn the sparsely populated area into a boom town. Meanwhile, developers with an eye on the beautiful beaches between Cabo and San Jose del Cabo began to build the resorts and golf courses that make the eighteen-mile beachfront corridor so popular. With the government pouring resources and money into the Los Cabos region, it has blossomed into one of the most beautiful resort areas in Mexico. Along with excellent sport fishing, Cabo San Lucas also has some of the world’s best championship golf courses. 

If you prefer to spend your time in or on the water, there is a full range of water sports from swimming, surfing, waterskiing, parasailing, snorkeling, kayaking, wave runners, and wind surfing, to world-class SCUBA diving.  You name it, and that activity is available in Cabo San Lucas, including the opportunities that it’s many boat and private yacht rentals offer.

If outdoor adventure is what you are seeking, you will find that Cabo activities have everything to complement your needs. The surrounding desert offers unlimited riding possibilities for ATV rentals. You can also rent motorcycles and scooters.

Now, because of easy access by plane or car, 360 days of sunny weather, and activities for everyone, Cabo has become a very popular vacation destination spot.  There is really no bad time of the year to visit.  High season runs from November to May.  The busiest times are Christmas, Spring Break (mid-March), which tends to be very popular for college students and families, and Carnival (February – March). Low season,  June – Mid-November, offers the lowest prices, because it is the season of the hot summer months of July and August and the tropical storm and hurricane months of September and October.

Cabo San Lucas is a short flight from the United States or Canada, and is considered one of the safest destinations in Mexico.  The touristic parts of Cabo can all be seen by walking. Taxis are everywhere in the city and charge reasonable rates. 

There are also numerous wonderful restaurants in Cabo, that range from those that serve delicious local favorites to upscale sushi restaurants serving some of the freshest fish caught straight from the Cabo Bay. And also for shopping, make sure to check out the Puerto Paraiso Mall for great local deals.

The best deals in Cabo San Lucas can be found in vacation packages. There are a number of affordable all-inclusive resorts that provide unlimited food, drink and activities with a flat-fee. These resorts are right on the beach and are fun for all ages. Let help you book your next vacation to this wonderful beach city so you can have the experience of a lifetime.