By Rose Overbey
New Jersey
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Presently the headquarters for the popular Campbell Soup Company; Camden, New Jersey, has been "home" to many recognizable companies and people. Camden's prime location on the Delaware River, directly across from Philadelphia, PA has allowed the city to serve as a hub of transportation and industry throughout its history. invites you to visit Camden, New Jersey. Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is the closest airport to the city, but the state of New Jersey has a strong railroad system as well so Camden is accessible from Newark International Airport (EWR) as well. Book your flight today with To do so, please follow the link to make flight arrangements ( The, when booking your hotel, just click here ( suggests you start your tour at The Camden Waterfront, along the Delaware River. The picturesque Benjamin Franklin Bridge to the north, originally dubbed the "Camden Bridge" serves as a lovely backdrop to this revitalized area. The area used to serve as a major hub for manufacturing. Ferries would run back and forth across the Delaware River between Camden and Philadelphia, carrying both passengers and goods. At one point there were seven different ferry systems. Camden's prime location in the Northeast combined with an efficient railway system in the region lead the city to become a flourishing area into the early 20th century.

Today the Waterfront is a reminder of an energetic past. recommends visiting the Adventure Aquarium for an afternoon of excitement. The Aquarium features a walk-through "shark tunnel" and is home to hippopotamuses. This Aquarium isn't your average underwater experience. Offering many "hands-on" experiences, children and parents alike will enjoy the Aquarium. For those looking for another water involved adventure, climb abroad the USS New Jersey Battleship and Museum. This site is sure to thrill those interested in our nation's military history. For those little less interested in history, there is plenty of opportunity for play abroad. Flight stimulators, videos of Tomahawk Missile launchers and guided tours are sure to impress everyone in your group.

If you're traveling with children highly recommends visiting the Camden Children’s Garden. Filled with natural wonders, children and adults will enjoy walking through the floral filled area, and exploring sites such as the Butterfly Tent or dinosaur Garden.  Take a ride on the Arrow River Train on a tour through the park.

If you head to Camden in the warmer months, make sure to take advantage of the RiverLink Ferry. The ferry travels from the Camden Waterfront across the Delaware River to Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, PA. Take a trip back in time and remember that for many, this was the only way to cross the river before the technology to build large bridges was developed.

One of Camden's most famous residents was the poet Walt Whitman. contends that a trip to Camden couldn't be complete without a visit to his home, the Walt Whiteman House. It was here that he wrote the final edition of Leaves of Grass. Camden was also his final resting place, as evidenced by the death notice that is on display today that had been nailed to his front door upon his passing. There are also letters, photographs and other mementos from Whitman's life. encourages you to visit Camden, New Jersey. With many attractions and many ways to get here, Camden is a great place to pop into for a visit. Just click the link above and book your next trip to Camden with