By James Hardigg
Culebra Island
Puerto Rico
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Culebra, Puerto Rico, is a small, but popular, tourist destination for Puerto Ricans and Americans alike. The island is home to beautiful beaches and coral reefs, which make it a popular place for diving.  The island is very small, only about seven by five miles. The island was even nicknamed “Isla Chiquita” by locals, which means “Small Island”. The island features seemingly endless and beautiful beaches, as well as mangrove forests near the coast. The scenery is beautiful, the weather is great, and there are plenty of relaxing things to do.

With such wonderful and enchanting scenery, invites you to visit Culebra Island. Benjamín Rivera Noriega Airport (CPX) is located in the southwest area of the island. Book your flight today with To do so, please follow the link to make flight arrangements ( And, when booking your hotel with, please refer to our top selections of hotels on Culebra Island for assistance with finding accommodations.  Then book through by following the link to the hotel portion of our website ( recommends going snorkeling, since the reefs are beautiful, and the water is known to be extremely clear, due to the fact that there is no runoff from creeks or streams.  There are several beautiful beaches on Culebra that are good for snorkeling. The most popular beach on the Island, and one of the most popular in the world, is Flamenco Beach. Since it used to be used by the U.S. Military, you can still find some old tanks along the beach. strongly recommends visiting this beach. It is an amazingly beautiful and scenic place to relax, and many would say it is the most important destination to visit on the island. But, due to popularity, it can become quite crowded, during the holiday season. But, this beach is the main reason tourists visit the island.

However, there are seven other beaches on the island. Punta Melones is the beach closest to the town of all the beaches on island. Playa Tamarindo is close to Punta Melones. Playa Carlos Rosario is a short hike from Playa Flamenco, and is smaller and much less crowded. Playa Brava is another beautiful beach. There are no roads to it, though. You are required to hike to Playa Brava. recommends going fishing. There are several great catches to be had, like sailfish, kingfish, and barracuda. also recommends going diving, since, as we said before, the reefs are beautiful and the water is clear. Camping is available on Culebra, but the only official campground is the one on Flamenco Beach, so your choice is severely limited.

There is a small island off the coast of Culebra, called Culebrita. This destination can be reached by water taxi. Culebrita is a part of a bigger wildlife refuge, which is open to visitors. Also, Bahia Tortuga, the largest beach on Culebrita, is just a short hike from the pier.

Shopping is almost non-existent on Culebra. There are no fast food joints or chain stores either. Mostly people just relax on the beach.

So if you’re looking to relax on an endless stretch of beach, or go swimming in beautiful, clear waters, hike in beautiful scenery, go snorkeling, diving, or fishing, then Isla Culebra is the place for you.