By Jessica Howell
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Nestled along the Rhine River, Düsseldorf, Germany has the perfect blend of rich heritage and contemporary flare that is sure to enchant visitors from all walks of life.  Not only is Düsseldorf one of Germany’s economic centers, but it is also internationally renowned for its fashion scene, architecture, and nightlife.  By day you can stroll along the sun kissed Rhine promenade, stopping to gaze at historic attractions or sample traditional fare.  By night you can watch the lights dance on the Rhine River or you yourself can dance the night away in one of the city’s vibrant clubs.  Whether you are interested in music, food, history, architecture, or all of the above, Düsseldorf has something to tantalize your senses. invites you to book your next vacation to Düsseldorf, Germany today!

To get to Düsseldorf visitors can fly into Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS).  Located about 20 minutes away from the city center, visitors can easily access all the city has to offer.  Visitors to Düsseldorf can enjoy quality public transportation in the form of taxis or the more affordable mass train system.  You can hire a taxi or purchase train tickets purchased before leaving the airport.  To book your plane ticket to Düsseldorf, Germany, click on the following link:  ( can also assist you in finding the perfect hotel.  Just click on the following link to browse our selection of hotels:  (

The first thing you will notice when you arrive in Düsseldorf is how past, present, and future are blended in perfect harmony.  In this charming city it is common to see stunning examples of modern architecture nestled between historic attractions and buildings with baroque faces. recommends that you begin your vacation by exploring the most famous part of town:  Old Town.  Almost completely destroyed during World War II, this part of town was rebuilt according to historic plans, which makes it look like a real historic town.  In this compact area of only 1 square kilometer, you will find a whopping 260 restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and brewing houses, making it the best place to sample authentic German cuisine and beer.

Old Town is the home of the “Altbier,” a regionally brewed top-fermented, copper-colored beer, with a tart taste and distinct hoppy flavor. recommends that you “do as the locals do” and visit at least one of the snug brewing houses to sample your first pint.  Although the Alt reigns supreme in Düsseldorf, it goes down very nicely when paired with traditional German dishes. insists that you throw your conventional eating habits to the wind and immerse yourself in the distinct taste of German gastronomy.  Some popular traditional dishes you should sample during your visit include Blutwurst (black pudding), Ähzezupp (pea soup), Düsseldorfer Senfrostbraten (mustard roast pork), and the very popular Halve Hahn (a robust cheese with caraway seeds and onion, served with rye bread, mustard, and gerkin).  The Halve Hahn especially, is the perfect pairing with a nice tall glass of Alt beer.  Although sampling German beers may be the highlight of your trip, avoid ordering a Kölsch; a light beer brewed in the nearby city of Cologne.  Citizens of Düsseldorf and Cologne are long-time regional rivals and some people might become unfriendly if you choose the rival Kölsch over the local Alt. 

After you have gotten your fill of beer and hearty German cuisine, recommends taking a stroll down the Rhine promenade – one of the most beautiful esplanades in all of Germany.  The Rhine promenade is lined by cafes and bars and links the traditional Old Town to the modern MediaHarbour.  MediaHarbour’s reputation as an “architectural mile” is obvious as the modern designs of internationally famous architects pop out of the city skyline. The Gehry Buildings especially have become an iconic symbol of Düsseldorf’s booming economy and bright future.  Comprised of three separate structures, the curve and lean of all three buildings is unmistakable and is a definite must see while visiting the city.  These buildings are most impressive when viewed during sunset, as the center buildings’ metallic stainless steel façade reflects the color and shape of its two neighbors. 

Internationally recognized for its high level fashion scene, no trip to Düsseldorf is complete without strolling down the Königsallee.  Also called “Kö” by the locals, this street puts other shopping Mecca’s like, New York’s famous 5th Avenue to shame.  For an additional charge, you can even hire a personal shopper to meet you and take you for a shopping tour through selected fashion shops. 

In Düsseldorf, one thing is certain:  The people cherish their heritage and take great pride in their future.  The desire of its citizens to stay true to their roots is palpable, while it is also obvious that city and country are moving ahead to become a regional powerhouse and a global leader. invites you to find out for yourself why Düsseldorf is one of the best places in world to visit and live. 
Hotels in Düsseldorf
By Jessica Howell
Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel
Terminal Ring 4, Dusseldorf, Germany
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Nestled right in the airport, the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel offers guests ultimate convenience and comfort.  Located atop Car Park 3 the penthouse-style Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel puts guests closer to their next flight then they have ever been.  With 17 conference rooms, complimentary wireless internet, computer terminals and the Link@Sheraton experience with Microsoft, this hotel is also perfect for your next business meeting, conference or special occasion.  At the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel, you can find everything you need, all in one convenient location.

Guests can begin checking into the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel at 3 p.m. and check out is at 12 noon.  If you are impressed by the convenient location of this hotel, but are concerned that the roar of airplanes will keep you up at night, then worry no more.  The Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel boasts sound-proof rooms and some of the most luxurious beds you will ever rest on.  The signature Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed features crisp sheets, fluffy duvets and plush pillows for the ultimate night’s sleep.  With beds this comfortable, jet-lag won’t be stopping you from enjoying time with friends, family or colleagues.

The interactive lobby space offers guests traveling on business to socialize or come together to work with the Link@Sheraton experienced with Microsoft, complimentary wireless internet access, flat-panel televisions, and computer terminals. 

At the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel, they know all work and no play makes for a very long week.  Guests can mix and mingle over delicious meals at one of the hotels’ three restaurants and cafes, or the hotel’s planning staff can prepared one of the 17 conference rooms for larger groups. 

A central location, premium amenities and convenient hotel features makes the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel the perfect place to stay during your next vacation or business trip.  Click on the following link to reserve your room at the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel today:  (