By Brandy Simpson
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Ensenada is an absolute must-see for anyone on vacation near the Mexican Riviera! Transformed from a sleepy fishing village to a popular luxury resort town, Ensenada offers everything from golfing to shopping to fishing. The third largest city in Baja California, Ensenada is the perfect getaway for both shoppers and nature lovers.

Ensenada is located just forty miles outside of San Diego and is situated in the Bahía de Todos Santos, a cove of the Pacific Ocean. The closest airport to Ensenada is either the San Diego International Airport (SAN) or the General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport (TIJ). Let help you book your flight today by visiting the following link: (

Due to its location, Ensenada offers great, mild temperatures throughout the entire year. As Ensenada is located on a cove, there is great recreational fishing to do in this picturesque setting. While in Ensenada, stop by La Bufadora to see the largest marine geyser in the world. La Bufadora geyser is created by ocean waves and air that are drawn into an underwater cave, creating the exploding effect. Framed by mountains, the backdrop of Ensenada is just as beautiful as its ocean views. 

The wine vineyards of Ensenada are not to be missed. Ensenada sits at the center of Mexico's premier wine country. Be sure to visit Ensenada during the month of August for the annual Fiestas de la Vendimia. This wine festival marks the beginning of the wine harvest season and there are a number of wine tasting and cultural events that are great fun. suggests visiting two national parks in Ensenada that are utterly breathtaking: the Sierra de Juarez and San Pedro Martir National Parks. The Sierra de Juarez National Park is a pristine 5000 hectare park located in the Sierra de Juarez mountain range. The San Pedro Martir National Park is located in the Sierra de San Pedro Martir mountain range and is home to impressive granite rock formations. This park also houses the National Astronomical Observatory, which has Mexico's largest optical telescope. The National Astronomical Observatory is considered the second most important observatory in Latin America.

Although Ensenada offers a great number of exceptional nature sights and activities, the city has also made a name for itself in being a luxury resort town. Many specialty shops can be found in Ensenada's beachside, outdoor shopping malls, including art galleries, cigar shops, and perfumeries.  Relax at one of Ensenada's many day spas or, if sports are more of your thing, enjoy a day golfing at one of the many golf resorts. recommends ending the day by eating dinner at one of Ensenada's top seafood restaurants.

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From its marine geysers to its national parks to its day spas, Ensenada has it all for the perfect weekend getaway or mini vacation.  Just a quick drive from San Diego, Ensenada is an exciting detour on a Californian vacation. To book your amazing trip to Ensenada, visit today!