By Jessica Howell
United Kingdom
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Do you dream of a place where the soft spray of the sea refreshes your senses as the bright sun warms your skin and the gentle breeze carries all your troubles away?  Do you dream of rolling green meadows and earthy woodlands that become blanketed in blue bells as the spring arrives?  If so, invites you to book your next vacation to Guernsey, Channel Islands.  In addition to spectacular natural beauty, Guernsey has a bustling port city with a wide range of specialty shops, boutiques, and restaurants to keep you entertained during your stay.  World- class food, fishing, and fun await you on this beautiful island.     
The beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey is serviced by one airport:  Guernsey Airport (GCI).  Located only 7 miles from the island’s capital city, St. Peter Port, visitors can start exploring the island and its many treasures right away! To book your flight to Guernsey Island, click on the following link ( can help you find the perfect place to call home during your stay.  Click on the following link to browse our selection of hotels (
From the moment you arrive on Guernsey Island you will be mesmerized by the islands’ spectacular natural beauty.  The craggy seaside cliffs and sprawling green meadows served as the backdrop to a dark chapter in Guernsey’s history.  During WWII, German forces occupied the island forcing hundreds of natives to flee to the United Kingdom while others were stranded, fated to survive dismal and sometimes fatal conditions.  Although German forces only occupied the island for about 5 years, their invasion had a huge impact on the island’s culture and appearance. recommends that you take some time to explore this critical period in Guernsey’s history by visiting the German Occupation Museum.  There are a handful of museums in Guernsey that showcase this time period, but the German Occupation Museum is considered to be the most authentic and comprehensive look into the German occupation.  Here you can see actual artifacts left by German soldiers including medicines, weapons, letters, vehicles, and even posters informing of executions.  The museum also features educational videos, authentic rooms, and a recreation of High Street, so visitors can see what the street would have looked like during that time.  Some other interesting military museums to visit in Guernsey include the German Military Underground Hospital, La Vallette Underground Military Museum, and Fort Grey & Shipwreck Museum.  All museums charge a small admission fee.
If your interest in Guernsey’s unique history stretches beyond WWII, then insists you visit Castle Cornet.  Jutting out into Havelet Bay, Castle Cornet is an ancient royal fortress that has stood guard over St. Peter Port for nearly eight centuries.  Today it houses 5 museums, offering the most complete account of Guernsey’s history in one place.  Take a break between museums to sip on some of the most delicious cream tea to be found on the island and behold picturesque views overlooking St. Peter Port.  The Castle Cornet is also home to four well-researched period gardens, giving you an authentic look at what the gardens looked like hundreds of years ago.  The modest admission fee will grant you access to all five museums as well as the castle gardens.  Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore Castle Cornet and don’t miss the mid-day cannon fire!      
Another popular attraction on Guernsey Island is the Hauteville House, which was the home of iconic author Victor Hugo for nearly 15 years.  See Hugo’s imagination come to life through the opulent design and decoration of his home.  The chandeliers built from bobbins and eloquent mantras stenciled on the walls are fascinating.  The dark rooms hidden behind tapestry walls:  Mystical.  And the desk where Hugo penned some of his most famous works including, Les Miserables:  Inspiring.  The Hauteville House also boasts a beautiful garden and stunning views overlooking the sea.
Perhaps the most popular attraction Guernsey has to offer is its stunning natural beauty.  The island’s craggy seaside cliffs, picturesque meadows, pristine beaches, and whimsical woodlands will undoubtedly be the highlight of your vacation.  With 28.5 miles of cliff top paths, you need only to get out on foot and start exploring the wonderful terrain that makes this island so special.  The beach is also a popular place for people to spend the day listening to the gentle crash of the channel lapping against the soft sand. urges you to explore the seaside cliffs and discover the perfect beach for a day of lounging and sun bathing.
Come explore the island’s spectacular natural beauty, scrumptious cuisine, and rich history.  One thing is certain; a warm welcome awaits you on Guernsey Island. urges you to book your next vacation to Guernsey Island today!