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Located in southwestern Germany in the Rhine Rift Valley, Heidelberg is full of rustic charm and natural beauty. This city is home to the renowned University of Heidelberg, which cultivates an atmosphere of youthful vibrancy and energy. Known for its beautiful scenery and quaint village-like atmosphere, Heidelberg is a popular tourist destination for people of all ages. encourages you to see all that Heidelberg has to offer. Most travelers will fly into Frankfurt Airport (FRA), a major European hub that is ~80 kilometers (~1 hour) away from Heidelberg. Another possibility is City Airport Manheim, a smaller regional airport located just 15 kilometers (~15 to 20 minutes) away. Follow this link ( to make your flight arrangements with Heidelberg offers a variety of lodging options to suit all price ranges. Check out’s top hotel selections (

Heidelberg’s Old Town area is probably its most famous neighborhood, and recommends exploring this fascinating part of town. Old Town is very walkable and tourist-friendly. In addition to one campus of the University of Heidelberg, Old Town boasts the Haupstrasse, the city’s main shopping district, the striking Baroque-style Boisserée Palace, and the House of Knight St. George, the oldest private house in Heidelberg, which now functions as a hotel. Additionally, the Old Bridge (aka the Carl Theodor Bridge) has one end in Heidelberg’s Old Town. With its nine red sandstone arches, the Old Bridge spans the River Neckar in style. Several wooden bridges preceded the current one, but they were all destroyed by flooding and ice. The current stone bridge was constructed in the 1780s, destroyed during World War II, and rebuilt with funds from Heidelberg’s residents in 1947. The Old Bridge is adorned by two distinct sculpture groups, as well as the ancient bridge gate, which survived all of the weather-related disasters that ruined earlier versions of the bridge. also encourages travelers to visit the Heidelberg Castle, the best-known site in the entire city. Originally a fort during the late Middle Ages, the castle has expanded extensively over time, as evidenced by the variety of architectural styles incorporated into its construction. Visitors can take a guided tour or wander the castle and its grounds at their own pace. However you choose to experience the Heidelberg Castle, be sure to explore the castle gardens, where you will be enchanted by the waterfalls, terraces, statues, and gorgeous flowers.  The gardens are especially lovely at night when the castle is illuminated. The castle’s Belevedere Terrace offers sweeping views of Heidelberg’s Old Town area.

The Philosophenweg (aka the Philosopher’s Walk) is another one of Heidelberg’s treasures. Its name originates from the multitude of Heidelberg scholars and philosophers who come here to think and discuss ideas. A bit off the beaten path, the Philosophenweg is located across the river from Old Town and is only accessible on foot, so be prepared for a steep climb! Once here, you will not be disappointed as you stroll along a nature path and observe the breathtaking views. If you are still energized at this point, suggests continuing to walk for another 40 minutes until you reach the Heiligenberg, a picturesque village nestled into the mountainside. Here, you can walk amid the ruins of a 9th century monastery or stop for a rest at the guest house and beer garden.

If you’re seeking an authentic taste of local flavor, look no further than one of Heidelberg’s bustling town markets. The market in Neuenheim, opposite Old Town across the River Neckar, is the largest market in the city. A wide variety of fresh produce is sold here, in addition to artisanal cheeses, colorful flowers, and other locally sourced goods. Old Town has its own market, though it is smaller than the one in Neuenheim, and there are a few other marketplaces scattered throughout the city. If you’re traveling during the winter holiday season, urges you to participate in a German tradition by visiting one of the Christmas markets, where you will find unusual crafts and local culinary delicacies.

A lively city with plenty of charisma, Heidelberg is an ideal vacation destination. Let help in planning your authentic German getaway.
Hotels in Heidelberg
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Leonardo Hotel
Pleikartsfoerster Strasse 101 Heidelberg , 69124 Germany
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Whether you are a history buff, a romantic, or a curious traveler looking for affordable deals on overnight stays, look no further than Leonardo Hotel (formally the Holiday Inn) of Heidelberg.  The Holiday Inn can accommodate you with your tourist, as well as business needs.    Located in the southwest Kircheim district, the hotel is a quick 5 minute drive to the downtown Heidelberg Rail Station, or for more local travel, a 2 minute drive from the A5 Autobahn, where trains run multiple times a day to numerous locations north and south of the city, as well as frequent trips to the famous ruins of the Heidelberg castle.

Hotel guests can customize their stay with an array of packages to choose from which include lower room rates and other benefits, including tours of the cities attractions. If a package is not of interest, guests can choose from a single room with all bed sizes available, or an executive suite with conjoining rooms for a larger living space. Guests have the choice of smoking or non-smoking, and all rooms are equip with self-controlled air conditioning, minibar, in room plates and glasses for those looking to make a quick cocktail or snack before heading out to the nearby picturesque Pfalz region, known for its exquisite array of wine tasting locations. 

If you are traveling on business, you will find this hotel an ideal meeting place for all your professional ventures. The Leonardo Hotel, Heidelberg boasts 6, large, glass meeting rooms, the largest of them with a capacity of up to 280 people, all with high speed internet access, as well as a business center and timely courier service.  If you are looking to kick back after a long day of sightseeing, you will find a complimentary sauna within the hotel, as well as an up to date fitness center.  For a drink, go no further than the hotel bar, with easy access to the hotels two restaurants, Galerie, which serves locally delicacies for lunch and dinner, as well as Potpourri, which is open early mornings for a buffet style breakfast. And for those traveling with children, in hotel childcare activities centers are readily available.

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