By Jessica Howell
United Kingdom
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Trying to decide between London and the French Riviera for your next vacation?  What if you could find a place that offers the best of both worlds?  Look no further than Jersey, United Kingdom.  With beautiful beaches, rich history, an unspoiled landscape and a unique blend of British and French influences, the largest of the English Channel islands offers the perfect mixture of European culture and relaxed island charm.  Jersey’s compact size, approximately 45 square miles, puts all the islands’ attractions within minutes of one another.  Enjoy museums that showcase Jersey’s unique history, stroll through fields of lavender, lounge on sandy beaches, and visit ancient castles atop magnificent cliffs. invites you book your next vacation to Jersey, UK today!        

Visitors wishing to arrive to Jersey via the air, will fly into Jersey Airport (JER), the only airport on the island.  With about 12 flights arriving in Jersey daily, it is easy to book a flight that fits perfectly into your schedule.  Click on the following link to book your flight to this English island gem today:  ( Because Jersey is famous for its winding country roads, many visitors choose to travel to Jersey via a ferry service.  If you are unable to bring your car with you to Jersey, don’t fret.  There are plenty of services on the island that offer car rentals or cars for hire for a reasonable fare.  Let assist you in finding the perfect hotel as well.  Just click on the following link to browse our selection of hotels: ( 

The best way to understand Jersey’s rich history is to start at the beginning. recommends visiting La Hougue Bie, a medieval chapel that sits on top of a prehistoric burial mound.  Dating back more than 5,500 years, this prehistoric crypt is the oldest attraction you will visit during your trip to Jersey.  This site also boasts interesting museums, a World War II German Bunker, a unique memorial, and a Neolithic House which gives visitors a better understanding of the day-to-day life of the community that built the burial mound.  Admission to this ancient site can be purchased for a reasonable fee, and unlike many other dolmens you can actually stand inside the chamber of the passage grave, making this attraction well worth the price of admission.

Although it makes for the perfect vacation destination today, Jersey’s unique location between the south coast of the United Kingdom and northern France made it a valuable pawn of war between the two countries for hundreds of years.  As a result of this tension, castles and fortifications were built by both sides to protect this strategic island.  For over 600 over years, Mont Orgueil Castle protected Jersey from French invasion and is a definite must see.  Explore the castles complex network of staircases, towers, and secret rooms and experience history come to life.  Special exhibits, performances, and festivals are held year round so be sure to check the castles’ website to see what exciting activities are being offered during your trip to the island. 

No trip to Jersey is complete without visiting Elizabeth Castle, one of Jersey’s most unique attractions.  Built on a rocky inlet in St. Aubin’s Bay, Elizabeth Castle defended Jersey for more than 300 years.  Nestled atop a bed of large bed of rocks in the shallow bay, Elizabeth Castle is accessible by foot only at low tide.  If you cannot make it during low tide, there are two castle ferries available to transport you across the bay for a small charge.  For a truly unique experience, spend a few hours in a kayak gliding through the shallow, turquoise water surrounding the castle.  Check the Jersey ‘Castle’ Adventures activity schedule for kayak tours and prices, as well as a list of other exciting activities available at Elizabeth Castle.

What island vacation would be complete without spending some time soaking up the sun on one of its beautiful beaches?  Surrounded by the sea, your only trouble while visiting Jersey will be fitting them all in! recommends visiting Green Island, a local favorite.  South facing, the beach is a sheltered suntrap with soft sand and one of the island’s best restaurants.  If you are looking for some adventure, recommends visiting Grouville Bay, a long stretch of sandy beach safe for swimming and boasts facilities for water skiing, wakeboarding, canoeing, banana rides, and speedboat trips available during the summer months.  But don’t limit yourself to just these two wonderful beaches.  Jersey is teaming with dozens of other beautiful beaches, so be sure to check out as many as you can during your visit!

What other place in the world offers European history, a rich cultural experience with a relaxed island charm? insists that Jersey, United Kingdom is a truly unique vacation destination. invites you to stray from the normal tourist trail and discover the treasures of this island gem for yourself!