By Summer Brons
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Quite possibly the country's most beautiful capital city, Juneau is an adventure-packed travel destination. With gorgeous glaciers, majestic wildlife, and many wonderful attractions, Juneau will bring a new meaning to the word "escape". Book your travels with, because if there's one place that must be experienced firsthand to truly appreciate, it's Alaska!
The city's own airport, appropriately named the Juneau International Airport (JNU) is just seven miles from the center of Juneau, making air transportation a breeze. Book your flight through by clicking ( to take advantage of our low airfare rates. Book your hotel through us as well, at ( to choose your preferred lodging accommodations.    

Once you've arrived in Juneau, the possibilities of what to do first may be a bit overwhelming. suggests checking out the glaciers, a true staple of the Alaskan frontier. Mendenhall Glacier is Juneau's most popular attraction, and it's easy to see why. The still-moving glacier is nearly a half mile wide, with ice depths ranging from 300 to 1,800 feet. Mendenhall is only part of Juneau's Icefield, and other glaciers include Eagle, Herbert, and Taku. Aerial tours are a particularly effective way to take in the expanse of the glaciers. If your time and budget allow it, highly recommends touring Juneau from above!    

Whale watching is another popular Juneau pastime. Humpbacks and Orcas call the local coastal waters home, and a boating expedition to see them face to face is one of the most memorable things you can do here. Other acclaimed outdoor activities include hiking, rafting, kayaking, and fishing. knows that Juneau has some fantastic fishing opportunities, and what better setting for your "I almost caught the big one!" story than Alaska?    

While you'll probably find yourself spending most of your time outdoors, Juneau has plenty to offer when it comes to indoor activities, too. Shopping here promises an experience as unique as the surroundings! Don't miss a cup of Juneau's own Heritage Coffee, providing the city's caffeine fix for over three decades; or grab a frosty pint of brew from the Alaskan Brewing Company, touting internationally award-winning beers. Fudge and smoked salmon are two popular local delicacies, and both are available for shipping back home to ensure a lasting supply. Looking for goods you can't consume? suggests browsing Juneau's specialty boutiques to find everything from handcrafted jewelry, artistic works, and even soaps containing real glacier silt.    

Be sure to bring your appetite along on your visit to Juneau, as the local cuisine here is not to be missed. Seafood is, of course, a major staple. Salmon, halibut, and crab are at the top of the list of fresh catches, and Juneau chefs know just how to prepare them to taste as amazing as possible. wants to add that some of Juneau's restaurants are among the oldest in the state, which provides an extra touch of charm to an already delightful experience.    

Whether you're here for a day or a week, any trip to Juneau will surely have you planning your next visit before you've even left from the first. Book your Juneau adventure through and come see why the city is one of Alaska's top vacation destinations!