By Elizabeth Fuga
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Lyon, located in between Paris and Marseilles, is one of France’s largest cities.  While once known as a silk-manufacturing city, it is now known for the study and appreciation of fine cuisine.  It has played a major role in both French history and world history. The city has contributed much to the artistic fields of cinema and puppeteering.  Lyon is filled with interesting attractions, history, and, of course, good food.

The major airport is Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport (LYS).  It is thirteen miles from Lyon city centre, with a coach link to it.  Additionally, most European airports offer flights to this airport. can help you book your flight ( An amazing hotel in Lyon is just the thing to start off a great vacation, and can assist with booking that as well. Click here ( to start your search for amazing prices.

As mentioned earlier, Lyon is a treasure trove of history and fine cuisine, and is also the birthplace of cinema.  This city produced the Lumiere Brothers, who screened the first commercial film.  In their honor, the Musee Lumiere was erected.  This museum is dedicated to cinematic history and, specifically showcases the inventions of the Lumiere Brothers.  Additionally, there are interactive floors, the first color and 3D photographs, and showings of the Lumieres’ films with commentary. recommends this museum to any and all fans of cinema, history, or any combination thereof.

Another unique museum is Lyon’s Museum of Animated Puppets located in St. George’s district.  There are over 250 puppets and exhibits dedicated to celebrities and inventors in the field of puppeteering.  There is also a guide on how puppets were conceived and constructed.

If you have a taste for unusual attractions or are a taphophile, then suggests you check out the Loyasse Cemetery.  This is a very large, very old, cemetery that was established in 1812.  There are many famous residents interred including architects and politicians.  The cemetery has also been described as an outdoor museum that features impressive religious architecture.  You are able to visit the first (and consequently oldest) burial chambers.

Lyon, however, is perhaps most famous for its Festival of Lights which occurs on December 8th.  This four day-long festival attracts nearly four million tourists each year.  Shops and monuments are decorated with lights while the windows of residential homes are lined with candles.  Music is played throughout the city to complete the strange and wonderful effect.  The festival incorporates elements of 150 year-old traditions with modern lighting to create an extremely impressive city-wide display.  If you are visiting Lyon in December, recommends seeing the Festival of Lights.

As mentioned earlier, Lyon was a major manufacturer of silk, and, as such, there is the Musee des Tissus.  This museum holds fabrics from around the world including ancient knits and tapestries.  These fabrics show the evolution from ancient civilizations to the modern ones that we are familiar with.  The museum offers everything from religious embroidery to the fashions of French civilians.  This is the perfect museum to visit to see how the world has changed through the lens of fabric and fashion.
Named the capitol of gastronomy, Lyon offers many wonderful restaurants that can appeal to a wide variety of tastes and budgets.  Not only is there traditional Lyon food of the working class, but there is also cuisine from around the world.  Additionally, there are many bars and even English and Irish pubs there are even places that feature live music for an unforgettable experience.

There are many shopping districts and great stores in Lyon.  The Bellecour district has several wonderful shops to choice from whether you are looking for photographs, art, or clothing.  Of course, excellent shops are not just found in the Bellecour district.  Furniture, clothing, and art can be found in the Terreaux, Part Dieu, and Cordeliers Republique districts as well.

Lyon is remarkably interesting and perhaps overlooked locale.  It has excellent local and exotic food, it offers a wealth of history, and some of the finest food and shopping France has to offer.