By Summer Brons
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A relatively small city in Belarus, about an hour and a half outside of the capital city of Minsk, Mir offers visitors a generous glimpse of authentic European history. Most famous for its impressive castle, Mir enjoys a steady stream of tourists each year. Let help you plan your own visit to this charming city!
If you will be traveling by air, you’ll likely be flying into Minsk-1 Airport (MHP) and then either renting a car or taking a taxi to Mir. Book your flight through by clicking ( to secure tickets using our great low prices on airfare. Be sure to check us out for hotels, too, simply click ( to browse available Mir accommodations.           

As noted, Mir is renowned for the famous Mir Castle Complex, which is within easy walking distance of the downtown square area. This is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Site, with construction than began in the late 15th century. The castle is of Gothic architectural style and is truly an awe-inspiring structure to behold. With hundreds of years of history, Mir Castle is one of the most prominent pieces of Belarus’ past, and was restored at the end of the 19th century. encourages you to wear comfortable walking shoes to explore the castle grounds, which include five towers and a three story palace.            

Another site you’ll want to incorporate into your time spent in Mir is the Chapel of the Sviatopolk-Mirski family, the last owners of the castle prior to World War II. An orthodox style piece of 20th century design, the small chapel features unique details and neighbors a small lake with benches. The chapel is a great place for some afternoon relaxation, maybe even a picnic as you may see locals selling snacks and souvenirs in the area.            

The city’s downtown is rather small, but packs plenty of interest thanks to the unique architecture and well-preserved or restored original buildings. You’ll find historic churches, local shops, quaint cafes and houses painted in bright, cheerful colors. This area is commonly referred to either as Market Square or 17th September Square, and certainly recommends spending time downtown to fully appreciate the historic charm of the city.            

If you have use of a car and can venture outside the immediate Mir area, you’ll have additional opportunities to view Synkavichy Fortified Church or the Nesvizh Castle. The Synkavichy Fortified Church is a centuries-old Gothic style church that is still in use today. The church has four towers and knows that climbing them will yield beautiful views of your surroundings. Nesvizh Castle is about 22 kilometers from Mir and also enjoys frequent tourist traffic. This 16th century castle is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring exquisite architectural detail and impressively preserved and restored grounds.            

When your European travels find you in Belarus, be sure to take the time to visit Mir. Small in size but large on history, Mir is sure to satisfy even the most distinguishing of travelers, and is happy to help you plan your adventure!