By Jennifer Levin
United Kingdom
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The wild countryside surrounding Norwich, United Kingdom melds smoothly with the historic city and its chic modern aura. The ancient wall and medieval buildings that still stand here make this city one of the most unique in Britain. encourages you to book your next European vacation to Norwich.

The city can be frequented through Norwich International Airport (NWI), located just north of the city. Book your flight with by following this link ( When visiting Norwich, travelers can either stay in the in the countryside, on the Norfolk Broads - Britain's Magical Waterland or in the city itself. Just click this link ( to start your search for great prices at high quality hotels.

There are at least two historical theoretical models as to the formation of Norwich, but it is known to be true that there was a strong Viking influence for about half a century and that by the time of the Norman Conquest; Norwich was a very large city. Just after the Conquest, Norwich Castle was built. It is still a large attraction for history buffs, architecture admirers and appreciative tourists of all sorts. So is the neighboring area which is known today as Norwich Market.

Two of the main historical landmarks in the city are the Norwich Cathedral and the aforementioned Norwich Castle. The Castle is worth a day of your trip because, aside from its historical significance, it houses a museum with archeological artifacts along with a gallery of fine art. Construction of the Norwich Cathedral began in 1096 and the structure was built using Normandy stone. The Cathedral is a beautiful building with stained-glass windows and expansive grounds. recommends making both the Cathedral and the Castle stops on your agenda during your visit.

The Norfolk Broads - Britain's Magical Waterland are expansive, untouched wild lands near the city in which you can hike, go bird-watching, or pack a picnic lunch and just soak in the views. If your tastes tend more toward water sports, consider sailing or canoeing. Norwich also has various open-air markets and, during the winter holidays, seasonal craft fairs abound.

Norwich is a top shopping destination in the U.K. For the ultimate Norwich shopping experience, visit Mall Norwich, which has well over sixty shops along with places to eat or window shop. Norwich is home to a quirky mix of independent boutiques, high street style, designers’ brands and specialty goods shops.

There are several art museums and music venues in Norwich. If you have come to this city to enrich yourself with cultural experiences, recommends visiting the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, which is located just outside the city’s center at the University of East Anglia. In the evening, consider taking in a concert or a play at one of Norwich’s theaters.

There is so much to do in this city and in the surrounding countryside that you would need weeks to see everything. But take our advice and include some or all of the sites and activities we have recommended and you will not be disappointed. Whether you came to Norwich for the art, the architecture, the shopping, or the peaceful atmosphere on the outskirts of town, you will find yourself more than satisfied. Have fun!