By Christine M. Soltis
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If you want to trek back into the history of Germany, you may do so through many museums, courthouses and churches on your visit to Nuremberg.  You will learn all about railway systems as well as Nazi crime and punishment during your stay at Nuremberg, Germany.

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Prepare for countless choices while in Nuremberg. first recommends a trip to Verkehrsmuseum, which is a combination of two museum exhibits at one place.  Within, you will see the German Railway Museum (Deutsche Bahn Museum) where you can explore the origins of the railway system in Germany, including its first engine, the Adler, which ran all the way back in 1852.  At the second exhibit, view the Museum of Telecommunications (Museum fur Kommunikation), where you will be able to see telephones that are a century old while viewing a showcase of telecommunications advances through the years.

Keeping in the flow of museum culture, recommends a stop at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, which houses over a million items, including its crowned art area.  This underrated museum also features sculptures, glass objects, archaeological pieces, scientific and musical toys just to name a few.  Thereafter, you may want to stop at Neues Museum to visit a museum full of contemporary to aged art abstracts and design, which can be found within this glass facade building. recommends a visit to the oldest church in Nuremberg, the 13th century St Sebalduskirche.  The exterior is comprised of symbolic religious sculpture along with ornate carvings over some of the doorways.  See the bronze sculpture shrine of Nuremberg’s St Sebald in a Gothic-Renaissance work of art masterpiece.

Travel next to Nuremberg Trials Courthouse where you can find the building where Nazis were tried for peace and humanity crimes.  In Courtroom 600, over a hundred leaders and others were convicted, while dozens were executed for their crimes between the years of 1945 and 1946.

If you want an underground adventure, recommends a visit to the dark passageways known as the Felsengange.  Located underneath the Albrecht Durer Monument, four underground stories comprise the Felsengange.  Once created in the 14th century as a cellar for a brewery and beer, this area also acted as an air-raid shelter during World War II. 

Another exciting area to visit is the bomb shelter that was once used to protect art works during WWII because of its climate controlled nature, known as Historischer Kunstbunker.  Many important items were kept safe here during bomb raids on the city, including a 15th century globe.  For more aesthetic outdoor views, recommends that you see the Beautiful Fountain (Schoner Brunnen), which is a golden replica of the original sculpture and is full of religious heroes.  The original, now eroded version one can be found in the Germaniches Nationalmuseum.

As evening begins to roll in, catch a theatrical production at Staatstheater.  Here, you will be able to see a dramatic mix of the arts including opera and ballet.  Choose to stop into a restaurant and enjoy a fine German dish for dinner.  You may also decide to find a bar, night club or other concert location for a night of fun.  Stop at an Irish or English pub and throw back a beer or enjoy great whiskey.

Nuremberg, Germany: it’s a journey.  Take a trip into the past while appreciating what the present has in store.
Hotels in Nuremberg
By Emily Foley
Le Méridien Grand Hotel Nuremberg
Bahnhofstrasse 1-3, 90402 Nuremberg, Germany
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The Le Meridien Grand Hotel Nuremberg, in richly historic Bavaria, Germany, is located about 17 minutes away from Nuremberg Airport (NUE) - or for the daring, a swift drive along the legendary, speed-limitless Autobahn. Either way, comfort and class await. The Le Meridien, accommodating check-ins beginning at 3 p.m., offers a luggage hold as well as porters for luggage assistance, per the guests’ needs, and 24-hour concierge service.  Valet parking for guests with vehicles is also available for a fee. Visitors will notice immediately a level of fresh, au courant style throughout the hotel; by the consultancy of a group of artists, chefs and other masters of design known as the LM100, every aspect of the hotel’s look, feel, and guest experience is touched and enhanced.

A standard room features a double bed, attractive marble bathrooms with hair dryers, a flat-screen TV, an iPod docking station and high-speed wireless internet access for a fee. Rooms can view either the courtyard or the lovely Old Town area, or the Station Building, a historic landmark and one of Germany’s oldest railway stations. 

The hotel offers guests a fitness center, sauna and tanning bed, in addition to laundry services and childcare. For guests hosting events, the hotel has eight spaces of varying size, a business center, and currency exchange services. Additionally, the hotel’s own chic bar and restaurant complement the ample dining and nightlife options around Nuremberg itself. One of the best amenities, however, is the Le Meridien’s proximity to such treasured sites as the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg (on a hill, grandly overlooking the city); the Opera House, and the Old Town, with preserved structures dating from the medieval era, to the house of famed painter Albrecht Durer. 

Check-out time is 12 p.m. on the day of departure. Whether traveling by plane, train or very fast automobile, you can plan your trip to Nuremberg- and your next step after that- with! Click and start globetrotting (!