By Summer Brons
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The phrase "unique vacation destination" takes on a whole new meaning when discussing Skagway, Alaska. The city holds the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records title for "most people tossing eggs", with 1,162 participants throwing eggs into the street to secure the record. Skagway has lots more to offer than just whimsical titles, and is here to help plan your travels to this historic coastal city!
Arrival to Skagway can be just as creative as the city itself, since the nearest major airport is Juneau International Airport, 100 miles due south. Two small airlines will fly from Juneau to Skagway each day, providing that weather permits, but there is no large jet service to the city. If your travel plans do call for air travel, book your ticket through at ( and utilize our low airfare rates. Visiting the city as part of a cruise itinerary is very common, so if you'll be exploring Alaska by seafaring vessel, it's quite likely you'll be stopping in Skagway. If you'll be staying overnight and need lodging accommodations, book them through us by clicking ( to select your preferred hotel.    

As mentioned, Skagway has a colorful history, which means there are lots of great attractions here. Skagway played an important role during the gold rush of 1898, and is considered the gateway to the Klondike. recommends visiting some of the city's excellent museums, including the Skagway Museum, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, and the Corrington Museum of Alaskan History. There are a number of tours that also provide an effective way to take in the best of Skagway whether on foot, by rail, carriage, or boat, and even aerial tours for a bird's eye view of the surrounding beauty. urges you not to miss a visit to the Klondike Gold Fields. Where else can you walk through a 350 ton gold dredge? You can also pan for a little gold yourself, browse unique gold jewelry, and even sample Gold Rush ale. Another must-see attraction is the Jewell Garden, one of the state's premier show gardens. Jewell Gardens also features a scale model railroad and city reminiscent of Skagway 100 years ago. With the gold rush an event of the yesteryear, the city largely thrives on tourism, so you're certain to be well educated and entertained no matter which attractions you choose to enjoy!    

It goes without saying that Skagway is an excellent venue for outdoor enthusiasts. Fishing is particularly fantastic here, and many fishing charters are available for your own opportunity to hook the elusive big one. Hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, and rafting are a few other ways to experience the wilderness during your vacation. also knows that Skagway is a surprisingly great city for shopping. Find everything from antiques to stylish new clothes at shops throughout the streets of Skagway. Whether you're looking for the perfect souvenir or functional outdoor gear, you're sure to find it here.    

For a memorable getaway in beautiful Alaska, there's no finer place to visit than Skagway. Authentic gold rush history pairs with a gorgeous natural setting to create a charming, exciting vacation. Book your Skagway travels through and experience a taste of the original Klondike!