By Christine M. Soltis
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
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With thirty-two islands contained at St. Vincent and the Grenadines, this country destination is certain to exhilarate.  Visit beaches filled with either black or white sands.  Azure blue seas offer additional captivating views at every turn.  Plan snorkeling, hiking and even volcano viewing within your adventurous activities.

When securing your trip, can assist you with those travel plans.  The primary airport to guide you there is E.T. Joshua (SVD) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  Flights can easily be located via the following link:  (  But don€™t stop there!  Book your hotel through as well at the provided link:  (

The capital city is known as Kingstown, a relatively small center composed of many buildings created out of volcanic stone.  While there, be sure to head high atop the bluff and look out at the 200 year old British colonial fortress known as Fort Charlotte.  Observe the busy harbor area full of cargo ships, ferries, fishing boats and more.  Once you travel back inland, immerse yourself in the surrounding architecture of nineteenth century homes. wants you to know that the St. Vincent area is filled with rainforest and mountainous regions, as well as the active La Soufriere Volcano.  Perfect hiking views in this area of the country contain more volcanic activity, featuring past afflicted lava flows, which are visible along the trail.  If hiking is what you want, keep in mind this is the best way to see all of the islands.  Create a plan and get those walking shoes ready to explore sensational scenes.  Waterfalls can be reached in the high mountains which compose St. Vincent.  Reach them via boat or hike and be sure to keep your eyes open to spot a natural plunge pool. 

Other options during your hike in St. Vincent and Kingstown include a visit to the National Botanical Gardens to view exotic plant species.  Yet another botanical option can be found in the Mesopotamian Mountains and is known as the Montreal Gardens.  Each one packs a punch of exotic specimens and tropical climate plants.  While you€™re still walking, keep in mind that at the end of Buccament Valley, there is the Vermont Nature Trail.  Here, from a popular summit viewing point, you will be able to spot armadillos and maybe even the national St. Vincent parrot.

With so many beaches to choose from, wants you to keep in mind that the beaches surrounding the St. Vincent area are composed predominantly of black sands, carried forth from volcanic rock.  Mount Wayne is just one of those, which has calmer tides for swimming.  Visit these unique areas of beauty for some excitement and fun. 

When traveling to the Grenadines area, you will find a contrast, full of distant coves and long-stretching white sands.  While some of the islands are inhabited, others are empty, while still others are privately owned.  One of the favorite beach hangouts for locals is known as Lower Bay. thinks you might also want to visit the smaller Hope Bay, or trek over to Mayreau to see the palm-tree laden area of Salt Whistle. recommends a search of these islands for ones which suit your fancy.  Snorkeling, scuba diving and cruising are endless options to see stunning sights of sea-life.

Additional towns to consider for visit for shopping are the city area of Georgetown, which is located on St. Vincent.  Within the Grenadines chain, Port Elizabeth can be found, a quiet village shaped by lush scenery within Bequia.

For dining, Creole, Chinese, French, Caribbean and seafood options reign to tempt your taste buds.  Later on, enjoy a zesty nightlife by trying out a fruity drink or a beer at one of their street parties.  Afterwards, visit a local bar where deejays make the beat pulse even more. 

St. Vincent and the Grenadines:  An island of contrast.  Get outside, get away; take some time to enjoy nature and its promises.