By Emily Cook
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Tampico is one of Mexico’s most important coastal port cities located along the Gulf of Mexico.  Just 500 km from the United States border, it is home to some of the most impressive architectural and archaeological attractions in the region as well as extensive activities to satisfy even the most discriminating traveler. Visitors also have access to some pretty spectacular shoreline not far from the city center. 

Planning a trip to Tampico is a snap with  The most convenient way to get there is via air, with Tampico Airport (TAM) located just a short drive from downtown.  A wide variety of accommodations are available near the airport as well as within the city limits of Tampico. Use this link to help find the perfect flight ( or peruse the extensive listing of hotels available to you in the Tampico area by clicking here (

A great place to start your visit is by walking the Centro Historico de Tampico, the city’s historical downtown district, known for its fabulous restaurants and high-end shopping.  From there, recommends visitors take some time to soak in the exquisite architecture visible throughout the city.  The Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción, built during the 19th century, is known for its Corinthian style columns, neoclassic pink stone façade, Byzantine tile work and ornate triangular pediment.  The Antiguo Palacio Municipal, and the Edificio de la Antigua Aduana Maritima (Maritime Customs Building) are also good points of interest, both of which display a beautiful example of brick and ironwork.

If you have access to a car, you may want to take a short drive and venture outside the city limits to enjoy the sights.  The Puente Tampico, or Tampico Bridge, connects the states of Veracruz and Tampaulipas, and is particularly lovely.  You can tour the bridge itself and then, just a few kilometers into Veracruz, make a stop at “La Ribera” which is a fabulous place for fresh seafood and exploring the Laguna de Tamiahua waterfront. suggests that those interested in ecotourism take a trip to “El Solito,” an ecological park located just a few short kilometers down the road from La Ribera where an extensive variety of exotic animals can be seen including buffalo, deer, zebra and giraffe.  Other points of interest for outdoor enthusiasts include the Parque Ecologico Laguna El Chairel (El Chairel Lagoon Ecological Park) and the Laguna del Carpintero (Carpintero Lagoon).  El Chairel is a watersport mecca, boasting everything from canoeing and jet-skiing to kayaking and sport fishing.  Several major fishing tournaments are held here each year. Also along the Chairel lagoon are several public parks to check out:  Fray Andres de Olmos Park, ideal for boating and swimming, and San Pedro Park, which is known for its extensive walking trails. Carpintero Lagoon is a perfect stop for those interested in viewing plants and wildlife as the area is frequented by crocodiles and turtles and blanketed by pine trees and a wide variety of flora including lemongrass and Roselle. 

The beaches along the Gulf Coast in this area are frequented by tourists due to their proximity to the city. recommends Beach Miramar, only a short thirty minute drive from downtown Tampico, which is particularly popular with its fine, white sand and gentle waves that gradually slope out to sea, making it ideal for swimmers of all experience levels.  The shoreline is dotted with hotels, bars, restaurants, a recreation center with playgrounds and thatched shade palapas so visitors can escape that intense Caribbean sun.  The southern end of Miramar Beach provides access to the Panuco River, allowing ships to enter from the Gulf of Mexico.

With a climate that is warm and pleasant, hovering around 75 degrees year-round, thinks Tampico is an ideal place to visit any time.  The food is spectacular, heavily reliant on the fresh seafood found in the region, and the sights and sounds of the city will provide boundless activities for those visiting for business or pleasure.  Visit today to begin planning your visit to Tampico.