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New Zealand
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Lake Taupo is a lustrous, aqua marine gem at the heart of New Zealand's North Island. reckons it is an ideal spot to base yourself, should you be an adventurous traveler who enjoys days of variety and exploration, and a glass or bottle of Sauvignon Blanc at the end of the day.

The town itself sits on the lake’s crystal clear waters, with a commanding backdrop of the snow capped volcanoes from Tongariro National Park. You will find boisterous cafes scattered amongst boutique shops; where natural glamour comes alive, without being ruined by any glitz. 

At approx 238 square miles, it is the largest freshwater lake in Oceania, a size difficult to grasp unless viewed from above.  Perhaps this is why Taupo is a skydiving mecca; with jumpers first enjoying a scenic flight, it's like getting two activities for the price of one!  Should you prefer something of slower pace that allows you to appreciate the beauty of the lake close up, then opt to become a kayaking kiwi! has found one of the areas most popular tours to be paddling on the lake to the Maori Rock Carvings, because they only accessible by water.  Alternatively, try a scenic float down the Waikato River, where you can watch Bungee Jumpers from the platform above and stop for a soak in the natural hot springs.
Taupo is also world famous for Trout Fishing, so warns you not to leave before having a go!  For an unforgettable experience, hire an angling guide to take you down the local Tongariro or Mohaka Rivers by raft, and you will absolutely be awed by the backcountry beauty, and by the sheer size of the Rainbow and Brownies you are bound to catch too!

Taupo is also home to Huka Falls, New Zealand's most visited natural attraction.  The most thrilling way to experience the falls is by jetboatting to the base of the 11 meter drop. On the other hand, hire a mountain bike at the corner of S.H.1 and Huka Falls Rd and peddle down the track for the most sensational views.  Continue on a scenic ride alongside the Waikato River to the Aratiatia Dam, where you can witness the spectacular release of the floodgates, creating a series of rapids that serious kayakers fantasize about, but only a handful of the brave (or foolish) will ever run. Advises: Do not try this at home!!

The great Lake Taupo region has something for everyone and can assist you in planning your visit.  Athletes swarm into Town every March to compete in the New Zealand Ironman.  Hobbits scurry through on their way to Mordor and Mount Doom. Even Kings and Queens from around the world have come to stay at the Huka Lodge, one of the worlds finest. Taupo offers heaps but should you choose to adventure further out, you can surf at the beach, snowboard amongst the mountains, swim in a cave, or tour through wine country, and still make it home by dinner.  Booking these once in a lifetime adventures are only a click away with! 

Taupo is easy to find, but hard to leave.  Most travelers fly into Auckland Internal Airport (AKL) and drive the 3 hours south along State Highway 1.  Or if you prefer, connect on a domestic flight and arrive to the Taupo airport in less than 1 hour.  Just click on this link ( to search for planet tickets to this city. Then, from the airport it’s just a 5 minute ride into town where a world of adventure, culinary delights, and new friends await you! can also assist with booking your hotel experience; click here ( to start your search. knows you will not be disappointed, and Taupo is just the vacation destination for you.
Hotels in Taupo
By John French
Hilton Lake Taupo
80-100 Napier Road, Taupo, 3330, New Zealand
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Conveniently situated only 15 minutes from the Taupo Airport, stands the Hilton Lake Taupo Hotel.  Historically built in 1889 as the Terraces Hotel, the Hilton Lake Taupo Hotel has seen lavishing updates and a newly built wing, both built to meet the modern comforts of today.  The Tongariro National Park and aqua blue waters of Lake Taupo, whose waters are settled in the caldera of an ancient volcano, offer stunning views and seemingly endless recreation.  Here is where some of the greatest trout fishing in the world exist for those seeking to explore New Zealand's waters.  Ample water sports including jet skiing and para-sailing await the thrill seeker, or take an adventure hiking the awe inspiring mountains.  Check in is 3 p.m., check out is at noon and there is a fee for parking.

The Hilton Lake Taupo Hotel is truly your home away from home.  The rooms of the Heritage Wing have private balconies overlooking the lake and valleys, and the newer wing of the hotel offer suites and apartments, which are great for travelers and families seeking to stay for longer periods.  Whether you stay in the guest rooms, suites, or apartments, you will find yourself inspired by the surrounding panoramic views.  A desk and wireless internet is available for your convenience.  When you are not enjoying the surrounding outdoor activities or local amenities, you’ll find yourself at ease with the comforts of home offered by the hotel.

Stay in shape with the indoor fitness facility, or tennis courts and pool.  Relax in the sauna or heated spa.  Throw a lavish party or celebrate in the ballroom with room for 180 guests.  Enjoy an incredible day of golf on the Waireki or Kinloch Internation Golf Course.  For dining your taste-buds will be enriched with New Zealand's Masterchef Judge's creation at the Bistro Lago, a dining destination for both the guests and the locals.  Also enjoy an array of the most thoughtfully arranged wines from around the world.

New Zealand's North Island is definitely a tourist hotspot, offering some of the most memorable experiences.  If Lake Taupo is your destination, the Hilton Taupo Lake Hotel is a hard candidate to beat for accommodations and convenient location.  You can book your stay at the Hilton Taupo Hotel now, cheaply and with ease at (