By Summer Brons
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A wealthy suburb of Paris, Versailles is best known for its glamorous palace. With centuries of history and political importance, Versailles is a popular tourist destination year after year. Let help you plan a luxurious French vacation of your own!    

Given the close proximity to the big city, flying into Paris-Orly Airport (ORY) is a logical choice at just 19 km from Versailles. The Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG) is another option, located 38 km outside of Versailles. Book your flight to either airport using by clicking ( to take advantage of our great rates on airfare. We can assist with your hotel needs, too, simply click ( to browse local accommodations.    
On UNESCO's World Heritage List for three decades, the Palace of Versailles is perhaps the greatest achievement of 18th-century France. Initially a mere hunting lodge for Louis XIII, King Louis XIV expanded the grounds into one of the most impressive, lavish architectural feats in the country. It was in 1682 when the government and courts of France moved to Versailles, and the palace saw further additions and improvements by each of the three kings up until the French Revolution.     

To enjoy the full experience of Chateau de Versailles, advises that you visit each of the four main venues: the Palace, the Garden, the Grand Trianon and Marie Antoinette's Estate. Within the main palace you'll find the infamous Hall of Mirrors, originally used as a waiting and meeting place for courtiers and public visitors. Within the Hall of Mirrors is the War Salon and the Peace Salon. These ornately detailed rooms feature marble paneling, gilded bronze and elaborate paintings, showcasing the wealth and success of the kings who created them. Also inside the palace is the King's Grand Apartment, a seven room venue intended to provide the sovereign with a place for official acts. Observe the Hercules Salon, Abundance Salon, Venus Salon, Diana Salon, Mars Salon, Mercury Salon and the Apollo Salon. Certainly, the palace itself is far too expansive for to cover in detail here, but additional areas inside include the Congress Room, the Museum of French History, the King's Interior Apartments and the King's Chamber, just to mention a few others.     

Next, step outdoors to take in the elaborate palace gardens. Louis XIV considered the gardens to be just as important as the palace itself, and this outdoor paradise took 40 years to complete with extensive flower beds, fountains and a canal. urges you to ensure your camera batteries are fully charged for your exploration of this larger-than-life park!     

After the gardens, tour the Grand Trianon, Louis XIV's refuge from the formality of court life. Also plentiful in botanicals, the trianon features such details as pink marble, Italian-inspired architecture and lush accoutrements. notes you may feel a sense of romance in the trianon; Louis XIV also escaped here with his mistress, Madame de Montespan.     
Finally, explore Marie Antoinette's Estate. A truly gorgeous spread, the Petit Trianon was a place for her to enjoy luxurious surroundings without being in the spotlight of Versailles' main palace. The walls and gates around the estate are sure to convey the sense of privacy even during today's tours.        

There is no better way to experience the feeling of royalty than to spend a day at the Palace of Versailles, and certainly no trip to Paris would be complete without doing just that. invites you to incorporate Versailles in your next European vacation and become a part of hundreds of years of high-class history!